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Carlos Moreno Meier

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Instituto de Ecología y Evolucíón. Facultad de Ciencias

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16-18 hrs

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Antecedentes Personales

Name: CARLOS A. MORENO MEIER Birth date: 12/22/1943 Nationality: Chilean Address: Home: Suecia 271, Valdivia, Chile. Phone 56-63-216304 Lab: Instituto de Ecología y Evolución Universidad Austral de Chile PO Box 567, Valdivia, Chile Phone: 56-63-221486 <cmoreno@uach.cl>



Graduate Teaching and Involvement From 1980 teach “Community Ecology” for the Master Science (Ecology) program. And starting in 1999 has been Professor in the Ph.D. Program of Systematic and Ecology of the Universidad Austral (Acredited Program) . Also has been external referee for Ph.D. Thesis of student in Australia, Germany, Canada and The Catholic University in Chile. Actually is member of the Accreditation Commission of Graduate Programs in Natural Sciences in CONAP- Chile (Ministry of Education) and Advisory Ecologist of the National Council of Fishing (Named by the President of the Republica, with approval of the Senate 1998-2001: 2002-2005) From 1987 to 2000 adviser of the Fisheries Department, of the Chilean Undersecretary for Fisheries, in the implementation of the system the Co-Managed Areas (Areas de Manejo y Explotación) and develop projects of selection Marine sites for Reserves and Parks in the coastal zone of South-Center part of Chile. As Member of the National Council of Fishing has worried to maintain the point of view of the Conservation of Fishing Resources in Chile. Research interest Mainly in the study of human perturbation in marine ecosystems and marine protected areas in relation with fisheries, with emphasis in the ecological consequences of the exploitation at population and community levels. This research has been complemented with study of the natural history and connections with the hydrographic environment and Marine Protected Areas. Actually also involve in the research of the impacts of longline fleets in the conservation of marine mammals and Albatros and Petrels populations.




Journal Publications since 2004.

- Osman L. P., R. Hucke-Gaete1, C. A. Moreno and D. Torres (2004) Feeding ecology of Antarctic fur seals at Cape Shirreff, South Shetlands, Antarctica. Polar Biology. 27:92-98.

- Hucke-Gaete, L.P. Osman, C.A. Moreno & D. Torres (2004) Examining natural population growth from near extinction: The case of the Antarctic Fur Seal at the South Shetlands, Antarctica. Polar Biology 27(5) 304-311.

- Hucke-Gaete R., Layla P. Osman, Carlos A. Moreno, Ken P. Findlay & Don K. Ljungblad (2004) Discovery of a blue whale feeding and nursing ground in southern Chile. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B (Suppl. ) 271,S170-S173 .

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- Moreno CA, JA Arata, P Rubilar, R Hucke-Gaete & G. Robertson (2006) Artisanal longline fisheries in southern Chile: lessons to be learned to avoid incidental seabird mortality. Biological Conservation. 127 (1): 27-36.

- González, M. T., Barrientos, C. & Moreno, C. A. (2006) Biogeographical patterns in endoparasite communities of a marine fish (Sebastes capensis Gmelin) with extended range in the Southern Hemisphere. Journal of Biogeography 33 (6): 1086-1095. (I. F: 2.804)

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- Gebauer. P., K.Paschke & C.A.Moreno (2007). Reproductive biology and population parameters of Petrolisthes laevigatus (Anomura, Porcellanidae) in southern Chile: consequences on recruitment.


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